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How did this fat, sedentary, unhealthy, unhappy 54 year-old guy go from the recliner...


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Welcome to The Barefoot Running Vegan!

Our site is all about the joys of living a healthy lifestyle! We are currently under construction, so look for our launch announcement soon. You can be notified of our site launch by adding yourself to our mailing list!


What is a Barefoot Running Vegan? Here's the story of how one ordinary guy went from a fat, depressed, inactive slug to a fit, healthy, plant-powered barefoot runner.

Plant-Powered Eating

What is a plant-based diet? Can you get enough protein? What about calcium? What about Twinkies? Recipes and more here, too.

Barefoot Running

Why would anyone want to run barefoot when there are so many cool running shoes to choose from? And what about stepping on broken glass?


LIVE NOW! What's new, musings, questions, feedback.


This is where you'll find links, videos, and other stuff to help make your transition to a plant-based diet more enjoyable, and learn more about barefoot running.

xx there running barefoot, fit, and happy in less than a year?